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Background :

Healthcare in India has evolved significantly in its character since 2000. There have been many changes including, private healthcare evolving to play a significant role in healthcare delivery, government changing its role from not only a provider of healthcare services but also a financier through many government sponsored health insurance schemes which in different ways and extent cover almost 25% of India’s population, government running missions to eradicate polio and address health issues of national importance and also investing heavily in significantly improving public healthcare infrastructure especially in rural areas. Added to it, the sector has seen significant investment interest from private equity, public offerings and entrepreneurs.

At the same time, the operating context has changed significantly with emerging need of making healthcare affordable, technology enabling healthcare which was not possible earlier, rising consumerism in healthcare and disease profile changing towards chronic. These require a relook at the way the healthcare is to be delivered in the coming years so that we are able to maximize the opportunity which evolving times and context have provided.

After much deliberation, the National Health Policy 2017, has outlined a strategic direction in which the government expects healthcare to evolve. This conclave shall deliberate on key features of the policy and discuss in detail five key themes. Core of the discussions shall rest on how to take the policy towards actions and what could be the recommendations for the concerned stakeholders

Thus the theme….”National Health Policy – A New Era in Healthcare”

Conclave Objectives :

Government of India released National Health Policy (NHP 2017) in early part of 2017. Last health policy was released in 2002 and in this gap of 15 years much as changed — Health priorities are changing from with successes achieved in MMR and IMR to increasing burden of non-communicable diseases, health care industry has seen a robust double digit growth dominated by fast growth of organized private healthcare sector, growing incidences of catastrophic expenditure due to healthcare costs, and enhanced fiscal capacity due to rising economic growth.

The NHP 2017 aims to inform, clarify, strengthen and prioritize the role of the Government in shaping health systems in all its dimensions- investments in health, organization of healthcare services, prevention of diseases and promotion of good health through cross sectoral actions, access to technologies, developing human resources, encouraging medical pluralism, building knowledge base, developing better financial protection strategies, strengthening regulation and health assurance.

This Conclave aims to decode the NHP 2017 presenting key features of the policy and highlight emerging imperatives for different stakeholders in the times to come

Key Takeaways :

  • National Health Policy interpreted by the experts
  • Views of experts on how the policy can be put into action and what should those actions be
  • Emerging imperatives for players in the healthcare ecosystem and what they can do to realign their business models going forward
  • Opportunity to network and share views with peers, experts and leaders of the industry
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